Some Important Info About Buying and Selling Items here on

List your Aircraft or Surface Rados and electronics in here.
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Some Important Info About Buying and Selling Items here on

Post by HRCadmin » Sat Jan 27, 2018 12:08 am

We are glad you considered to list your RC Items for sale!

While we want to make sure our user community has a great buying and selling experience on the site, we would like to make sure that you are aware of the following before you engage yourself in a buying or selling transation here at

Please keep your Items listed as RC Related. is not a place for selling your lawnmower, tires, or your vehicle. These types of items should be listed by other means such as ebay or craigslist.

For Sellers:
  • List as many items as you want, there is no transaction cost for listing any and all RC items in this forum.
  • Ensure you provide a full description about what it is you are trying to sell so that people looking to buy your product have a clear understanding about what you have to sell.
  • Payment terms must be worked out with the buyer who has agreed to purchased your product. does not provide any payment gateway services so please inform your buyer on how you would like to be paid for your product.
  • Offer to the buyer, your preferred shipping methodt and any costs associated to be included in the price once you have agreed to a transaction.
For Buyers:
  • If there is a product listed from a user that you would like to purchase, please be sure to read their descriptions carefully and ask any and all questions you have regarding their product.
  • Ensure that you feel comfortable with the payment terms. Paypal is suggested but again, is not offered through You are responsible for coordinating payment with the buyer.
  • Be sure that you feel comfortable about dealing and paying the buyer if you are not going to be picking up and paying for in person. IF something doesn't sound right about the transaction, then it probably isn't so use your best judgement.
Disclaimer: is not responsible for any representation or misrepresentation of any products or monetary transactions that may be made as a result. The result of the transaction is the sole responsibly of both the buyer and the seller.

Please be responsible, and best of luck in your hobby related sales!